Zeiss MMZ-G 4000/6000/3000 Gantry Style CMM

2008 Zeiss MMZ-G 4000/6000/3000 Gantry CMM
Measuring Range: X-4.0 Meters (157.6")
                           Y-6.0 Meters (236.4")
                           Z-3.0 Meters (118.2")
Accuracy with VAST Gold or RDS/VAST XXT: 
MPE_E=(6.0+L/250) L in
        MPE_P=3.2 um 
        MPE_THP=5.8 um
Interlocking Drives
Roller Bearings
Second Scale in Y Axis
Safety Position for loading by a crane
Collision Protection for Z-Shaft and Probehead in Manual Mode
Temperature Compensation for Machine & Workpiece
System Intergration

C99 Control Cabinet/TS8/ND DINA CL
Basis C99 Series 3
USB Stick for SR VII
Ribbon Cable 10 Pole Cycle/Control PCI
Option LAN C99
Pre Production Option SP MMZ C99N
E-Package MMZ C99N VAST
Option Dual Read
Control Panel "Dynalog P3 XGA for PC Data System
Support for Dynalog P3 Control Panel Adjustable, Turntable

Calypso CNC Geometry Software with Electronic Users guide
Calypso Step to SAT Converter
Calypso CATIA V5 Converter
Calypso Curve Measuring Software
Calypso Navigator Measuring Technology

H.P. Computer System
2-Gard Drives
2 LAN Cards
Intergration & System Test

Scanning Sensor's:
VAST Gold Scanning Probe Head
Reference Stylus
Probe Change Magazine MSR
Mounting Plate for MSR
Individual Probe Socket for VAST Magazine
Styli Kit Large Parts 

Computer Table
Refridgerated Air Dryer
Calibration Sphere Diameter-30 MM
Calibration Sphere Mounting Kit
Extension 400 mm for Calibration Sphere

Zeiss Eclipse SYS-EC-2828-20/24 CMM
Zeiss Eclipse Model SYS-EC-2828-20/24 DCC Coordinate Measuring Machine
S/n CMM961102978 (1996)
with Zeiss Probe Head
Joy Stick Control
Zeiss C90HP Controller
Computer, Desk and Chair
Granite Plate: 40" x 41"
Travels: X-28", Y-28", Z-20"
Software: CMM Manager