Gleason Sigma 3 CNC Gear Tester (4 Available)
Gleason M&M precision systems CNC Gear Tester
Model Sigma 3 s/n 6558 new 2006 (4 machines now available)
W/API Probes

Machine specifications are as follows:
• Machine construction using a granite base designed for production use
• Probe Resolution 0.03 m
• 3 Linear motor driven axes and Rotary drive rotary C-axis
• X travel probe horizontal travel 270mm (10.6”)
• Y travel horizontal movement measuring slide 480mm (18.9”)
• Z travel vertical movement of measuring slide 480mm (18.9”)
• C-axis- Rotary Table Diameter 228mm (9.0”)
• Weight Capacity 180kgs (400 lbs.)
• Maximum diameter of part 305mm (12”)
• 1 Motorized tailstock with a live top center 18 mm
• Maximum length part between centers 760mm (29.9”)
• Standard probe ball stylus 3.0 mm
• Precision Calibration Spheres 19.05mm and 12.7mm
(For calibration of probe tips and table center find location)
• bottom dead centers 25mm
• Optional centers available 54.5mm and 75mm
• Power Requirements 110VAC, 20 Amps, 60 Hz
(permissible fluctuation - +/- 15%) 220VAC, 20 Amps, 50 Hz
• Environmental Temperature 20.1+/-2.0 C (68+/-3.0F)
• Approximate Machine Weight 1300Kg, (2,860lbs), approx.

Software package as originally purchased by owner from Gleason M & M
License Type Full License
Enabled Features
Journal Reference
Straight Sided Spline
DIN 5480
JIS 1702-1998
ANSI B92 (Default Option)
Unknown Gear
Dual Helix (Default Option)
JIS1702 1976
CHINA GB 10095-1998 Analysis
CHINA GBT 10095-2001 Analysis
DIN 3960/62 (Default Option)
ISO 1328-1995
Root Scan
GM ISO Analysis
machines have GAMA 2.x software

Note: New licensing software fee for new owner is Required for $17,500
this needs to be purchased directly from Gleason Metrology!

 Price is for Each Machine $49,500.00 Each