Caterpillar/Olympian Natural Gas Generator

1997 Caterpillar / Olympian Natural Gas Generator
Automatic Transfer Switch
3 Pole, 150 Amp Rated at 600 Volt
5.7L Natural Gas Fueled Engine
80 KW Upsized Alternator. 12 Lead Reconnectable Wired for 277/480 Volt, 3 Phaze, 60 Hz
"C" Option control panel with:
 -AC Meter Package
 -Phase Select Switch
 -Cyclic Cranking with crank limiter
 -Voltage Adjust Rheostat
 -Oil Pressure & Coolant Temp Gauges
 -DC Battery Charge ammeter
 -Lamp Test/Reset Switch
 -Auto/Off/Manual switch with RED "Not In Auto" annunciator light
 -Emergency Shutdown Switch
 -Latched Shutdowns
 -Electronic Isochronous Governor with a 0.5% Frequency Regulation
 -150 AMP Main line UL Listed Circuit Breaker
 -Fuel shut Off Solenoid Valve
 -Engine Coolant Heater
 -Battery charging alternator
 -Battery Cables

Removed from service in September, everything runs good. (Small manifold leak is the only issue) 

250.2 Hours on unit. 

FOB Lewiston, Mi.