DEA Lambda 5710/017 CMM

CMM Quotation Summary


Item    Qty      Description


1          1          DEA Lambda Type CMM

2          1          Renishaw UCC2 Control System

3          1          CMM Software

4          1          Measuring System Computer

5          1          PH10M/TP20 Probing System

6          1          Calibration Sphere

7          1          CMM Installation and Calibration to ISO-10360

8          1          CMM Operation and Software Training

9          1          Documentation

10        1          Delivery Time

11        1          Warranty

12        1          Payment Terms

13        1          Terms and Conditions

14        1          Environmental Specifications

15        1          CMM Technical Data Sheet

16        1          Options

17        1          Order Placement


Total price for machine installed and calibrated at customer site

                                                                                                            $375,000 USD



Measuring System Description


The Italian manufactured COORD3 Gantry style of high accuracy Coordinate Measuring Machine is proposed to be supplied configured to the following specification:


1.0       DEA Lambda Model CMM


·         Measuring Range:

Table Range (Length-Y axis)                                             6350 mm

Transverse Range (Width-X axis)                          4000 mm      

Vertical Range (Height-Z axis)                                           2500 mm     


·         Measuring Accuracy to B89 to manufactures original specifications



·         High precision air bearings to all axis with optimum bearing spreads


·         Pneumatic adjustable counter-balance


·         Renishaw scales


·         Dual Y drive with dual readers for enhanced accuracy



2.0       Electronic Control System


The proposed CNC controlled coordinate measuring machine is supplied with a state Renishaw  UCC2 Universal CMM controller with seamless integration to CMM hardware, probing and software.


·         Renishaw Digital Signal Processor (DSP) CMM controller with integral digital power amplifiers and on-board CMM tuning and diagnostic tools


·         Motion path blending optimization for cycle time reduction and smoother CMM motion


·         System Desk 900mm x 700mm with integrated UCC controller


·         Ethernet connection from CMM controller to PC. No proprietary cable connections required. PC requires no propriety connections.


·         Renishaw MCU Jog Box with single joystick for 3 axis motion

Individual axis locks keys

Slow speed key

Infinite speed control

Coordinate system switching from part to machine

Part coordinate system joystick motion

Emergency stop button

7 meter cable length

3.0       Software


·         Includes TouchDMIS CAD


4.0       Dell Computer


·         Dell OptiPlex PC System

·                     Windows 7 64 bit professional edition

·         2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5-2320 processor (6M Cache, 3.0 GHz)

·         4GB2 Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz

·         500BGB Hard Drive, 3.5", 7200rpm, SATA

·         Intel® HD Integrated Graphics

·         Keyboard and optical mouse

·         Acer 23 16:9 ratio HD touchscreen monitor

5.0       Renishaw Probing System


·         Renishaw PH10M quill mounted motorized 2 axis probe head


·         Renishaw – TP20


·         Renishaw mahogany boxed M2 styli kit comprising:


Stylus PS23R x 1     1mm diameter x 20mm

Stylus PS2R x 2       2mm diameter x 20mm

Stylus PS16R x 1     2mm diameter x 20mm

Stylus PS17R x 1

Styli PS9R x 2

Styli PS8R x 6

Styli PS1R x 2

Styli PS12R x 2

Stylus PS7R x 1

Stylus Centre SC2 x 1

Extensions SE4 x 2

Extension SE5 x 1

Stylus Knuckle SK2 x 1

Mahogany box



6.0       Calibration Sphere


25mm diameter certified calibration sphere


7.0       Installation and Calibration


The above coordinate measuring machine system will be installed and calibrated by a COORD3 CMM technician.  The system installation includes CMM assembly, start-up and metrology testing and verification to the declared ISO10360 standard.


The presence of customer personnel is not required during assembly and testing of the CMM however the customer is required to supply connections for compressed air and electrics, internal transportation and lifting and unpacking is also to be provided by the customer.


8.0       CMM Operation and Software Training


Not included in the scope of supply at this time.


9.0       Measuring System Documentation


The following documentation will be supplied on CD Rom Media:


·         Operation Manual

·         Installation drawings

·         Maintenance manual


10.0    Delivery Time


3-4 from receipt of order and coordinated with customer foundation installation.


11.0    Warranty


The proposed measuring system is warranted for a period of 12 months from the date of acceptance test or a maximum of 15 months from date of shipment whichever comes first.


12.0     Payment Terms


       30% upon purchase order placement

70% upon shipment


13.0     Terms and Conditions of Sale


This quotation from COORD3 contains proprietary commercial and technical information and is being furnished only for the purpose of evaluating this proposal. Further use or disclosure to, or use by, others of the information in this proposal, except as required by law is strictly prohibited without prior consent of COORD3.


All COORD3 machines are produced to stringent Quality Control procedures guided by ISO 9001 and are subject to standard system inspection prior to dispatch.


The warranty period starts with the successful installation test carried out by the installation technician, regardless of whether the end-user is present or not. Coord3 Industries does not accept any responsibility for losses whatsoever due to non availability of the measuring machine.


Excluded from COORD3 Scope of Supply:

·         Foundations and foundation materials if such should be required

·         Civil works, electrical and air supply cabling and plumbing

·         Lifting devices required for inbound truck off-loading  and CMM Installation

·         Anything else not specifically mentioned in this Quotation including part programming, application support or alternative training is provided outside the standard training course and warranty unless specified in this proposal.

·         No part fixtures and tooling are supplied beside those stated

Unless expressly stated otherwise

-  Equipment specifications (electrical, mechanical, safety) are Coord3 Industries Standard

-  CMM machine accuracy are as stated in the quotation.

-  Coord3 Industries International Sales Terms and Conditions apply.

-  Coord3 Industries reserves the right to change product specifications and standard supply configuration without prior notice or update of this system proposal.


14.0    CMM Environmental & Test Specifications


-       Temperature range                                                         : 18 - 22 °C

-        Temperature gradient (in time)                                   : 1.0 °C / h

-        Temperature gradient (in time)                                   : 2 °C / 24h

-        Temperature gradient (in the volume)                       : 0.5 °C / m



Max environmental vibration:

-        Vibration (peak to peak acceleration)

                                                                         30 mm/s from 1 to 10 Hz

             15 mm/s from 10 to 20 Hz

             50 mm/s from 20 to 100 Hz


      Probe configuration for performance test:     

-       TP20 with Standard Force Module and Stylus diameter 4 mm x 20mm length


       15.0         CMM Technical Data Sheet


This quotation should be read in conjunction with the applicable COORD3 Coordinate Measuring Machine Technical Data Sheet supplied

J&L Model FC-14
Equipped with:
Power Elevation
Power Lenses: 10, 20, 31.25, 50, 62.5 & 100
Mini Wizard 2 Axis DRO

Faro Laser Tracker Model Xi with Precision Level

Faro Laser Tracker Xi
1.5" Spherically Mounted Retroreflector (SMR)
1.5" Break Resistant SMR
SAE Target Tooling Kit
     Including: 10-1.5" SMR Drift Nests, 2-1.5" Pin Nests, 1-1.5" Shankless Nest,
1-Small Edge Sphere Tool, 1-10" Extension Bar, 1-Hard Point, 1-Sphere Fit Adaptor,
.375" & .5" Liner Bushings, 3-.5" Construction Ball with .25" Shank
Rolling Stand (43"-67")
Magnetic Mount Kit
    Including: 1-150.00 MM Diameter Magmount, 1-Hex Wrench, 1-Test Certificate,
1-Operating Manual
Full Lanyard Set
    Including: 1.5 SMR Lanyard Set, SMR Clamp, Sphere Mount Clamp, Drift Nest Clamp,
Cable & Wrist Strap

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