Kaltenbach Model RKL-550 AX

Cutting capacity at 90 degrees:
Rounds 6.5"
Squares 6.1"
Profiles 15.3" x 1.2"
Blade diameters 17.7", 19.7", 21.7"
Cutting speed with 21.7" diameter blade 16,320 S.F.M.
Blade feed rate, infinitely variable 0-86.6 I.P.M.
Rapid return of saw blade 236.2 I.P.M.
Saw blade type Carbide metal
Cut-off lengths from .39" to 78.7"


Model S5 SIEMENS PLC control of cutting lengths and quantities
Ball screw driven length stop nut
Carriage driven by chain and motor
Fine adjustment of cutting length by hand wheel and digital display
Counter for preselecting the required number of cut-offs
Infinitely variable and hydraulically actuated upward saw blade feed with rapid return
Contact free return stroke (automatic enlargement of cutting gap)
Vertical vise used to clamp work piece on both sides of the saw blade
Short stroke vise with hand crank for preadjustment
Sound proofed cabin around the complete machine area
Infeed and outfeed tables
Chip exhaust system
Accu-Lube spraymist coolant
8 H.P. direct drive motor and electrical controls
Wire 460 Volts, 3 Phase


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KASTOwa C7 Automatic Cold Saw

Cutting Range: 
  Cutting Range with blade number of teeth: 250x80 T: .585" x .585"-1.17" x 1.17"
  Cutting Range with blade number of teeth: 250x060 T: .585" x .585-1.95" x 1.95"
  Cutting Range with blade number og teeth: 285x60 T: 1.17" x .39"-2.73" x 2.34"

Mass & Height:
  Length: 1000 MM (39")
  Width:  1600 MM (62.4")
  Height: 2050 MM (79.95")
  Total Weight: 1500 Kg
  Material Support height above floor: 1000 MM (39")

Drive Power Saw Blade: 5.5 kW
Drive Power Hydraulic Pump: 1.4/1.8 kW
Drive Power Coolant Pump: 0.12 kW 
Cutting Speed Infinitely Variable: 35-140 / 34-140 / 40-160 M/Min
Saw Blade Feed Rate: 25-1000 MM/Min
Rapid Return: 8000 MM/Min
Max. Tolerance of Straightness: 2 MM/Min
Bar Length: 1600-6000 MM (62.4"-234")
Storage Depth: 750 MM
Max. Single Bar Weight: 200 kg
Total Max. Load: 2000 kg
Bar Pusher Carriage Feed Mption: 7.5-80 M/Min
Rapid Return Speed: 80 M/Min.

Chip Conveyor
Parts Counter