2008 Giddings & Lewis VTC 2500 Adjustable Rail Vertical Turning Center
Max Swing: 106.29"
Rail Height: 98.43"
Max Height Table top to Rail bottom: 98.43"
Min. Height Table top to Rail Bottom: 39.37"
2 Speed Table Drive Tranmission: 4.05:1 Gear Ratio
AC Motor H.P.: (S6-40 Rating) 100.6 H.P.
                       (Cont. Rating) 75 H.P.
Table/Chuck Speed: Inf. Variable-1-200 RPM
Low Range: 1-58 RPM
High Range: 1-200 RPM

Ram Travel: 
Vertical Ram-Z Axis: 68.89"
Horizontal-X Axis:
Right of Center (+X Axis): 61.41"
Left of Center (-X Axis) 61.41"

Power Assit of rotary setup stand 360 Degree-With High and Low speed selection
Pallet Locator & Stationary indicator Stand

Automatic Pallet Changer Consisting of:
1-Rotary Pallet Changer
1-Plain Parking Stand
1-Rotating Base set up station
Pallet Locator & Stationary indicator Stand
Max Pallet Swing: 106.29"
Max Pallet Load: 26,400 Lbs
Approx. Pallet Change Time: 120 Sec.


Live Spindle/C-Axis Package:
Live Spindle H.P.-44 H.P. (S6-40%)
                         29 H.P. (Cont. Rating)
2 Speed Gear Box
Spindle Speed: 4,000 RPM
Live Spindle Taper: Kennemetal KM80

C-Axis Positioning/Contouring Table:
Number of Positions: 360,000
Rapids: 2.5 RPM

Equipped with:
90 Degree Live Spindle Attachment KM80
Coolant Through Spindle, Manual lever for selection of TSC or Coolant Nozzles loacted on attachment
60+8 Automatic Tool Changer
60 Pockets
2 Storage drawers for Wedgelock Tools & Attachments: 8 Pockets
Renishaw HPMA Tool Probe with assorted probes
High Performance Coolant System
Chip Conveyor

Fanuc 310i High Performance CNC Control
5120 Meters of part Program Storage
Dual Position Feedback
Constant Surface Speed

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