Toyoda GE4A-100 CNC Angle Head Grinder
General Specifications
1995 Toyoada GE4A-100
Swing over table 12.6" 
Distance between centers 39.4" 
Max. Grinding diameter 11.3" 
Max. Load held between center 330 lbs 
Grinding wheel 
Size O.D. x I.D. 16"x3" 
Surface Speed 6,500 SFPM 
Speed 1,550 RPM 
Rapid feedrate 394 IPM 
Min. Increment per pulse 0.00001 dia. 
Internal grinder (type) Manual elevation Table 
Rapid feedrate 394 IPM 
Min. increment per pulse 0.00001" 
Swiveling angle 12.5 deg 
Workhead (Dead/Live Spindle) 
Swiveling angle 30-90 deg 
Center Taper MT #4 Speed 10-500 RPM Footstock Center Taper MT#4 Stroke 0.98"
Motor Specifications
Wheel spindle Motor 5 HP, Work Spindle Motor 1.1 HP 
Wheelhead feed motor 1.16 HP, Table Feed Motor 1.77 HP 
Lubricant pump motor 0.03 HP, Wheel Spindle Lubrication motor 0.34 HP 
Coolant pump motor 0.24 HP, Internal girnding wheel spindle motor 1.0 HP 
Equipped With
Toyoda GC32 CNC Control, Swivel Live/Dead Workhead 
Tailstock, Coolant & Filtration System 

Kellenberger Kel-Varia UR 175/1000 CNC Grinder

1998 Kellenberger Kel-Varia UR 175/1000

Standard Workhead:
Swiveling Range: -10 Degree to +100 Degree
Spindle Speed: 8-800 RPM
Holding Taper Internal: MT5
Max Load grinding between Centers: 330 Lbs

Holding Taper: MT4
Lift of Tailstock Sleeve: 2"

Z Axis:
Max Travel: 45"
Max. Speed: 590 IPM
Max. Resolution: 0.0000039"

Distance Between Centers: 39 3/8"

Swiveling System: -210 Degree/+30 Degree

X Axis: Max Travel: 12 19/32"
Max Speed: 295 IPM
Max Resolution: .0000039"

10.2 H.P. Wheelhead Drive

Grinding Wheel Mounting: Left Hand Side Max.: 16" x 2.5"
                                      Right Hand Side Max.: 16" x 2"

Equipped with: 
Kelco 90 CNC Control
Movomatic ES 400 Measuring System
Coolant & Filtration System
Mist Collection Filter
8" Magnetic Chuck
I.D. Attachment (No ID Grinding Spindle) 

Toyoda GL-4P-100E CNC OD Grinder

1997 Toyoda GL-4P-100E CNC Cylindrical Grinder
Control GC-32  Toyoda
X - Axis 12-1/2''
Z- Axis 39.4''
Auto Gaging yes
Taistock yes
Collant system   
Capacity 12.5'' X 39.4''
Max Load Between Centers: 330#
Max cutting IPM 
Rapid Traverse Rate 
Programmable coolant/ RS 232 port 
Equipped With:
Auto Gaging
GC 32 CNC Control
Coolant System