JPW Pre-Heat Stress Relief Oven

JPW Undustrial Ovens & Furnaces Per-Heat, Stress relieve Oven
Effective Work Space: 6' Wide x 5' Tall x 6' Long
Max Temperature: 1200 Degree F
8" Thick Insulated Walls, Ceiling, & Floor with Cart Tracks
Hydraulic Actuated Top Load Door
Reinforced Floor Rated for 20,000 LB
Stainless Steel Interior
UL Listed Control Panel: 480 Volt/3/60 Primary Power (191 AMPS, Recommend 250 AMP Breaker)
Yokogawa UP55A Programmable Control with Light Loader & Software
Watlow PM High Limit
Circulation System:
 1-36" steel extra heavy duty circulation fan will be driven indirect by a 10 hp, 1725 RPM TEFC motor
will produce 11,000 CFM of recirculation air. 

Heating System:
36- 3,888 W Incoloy sheathed heating elements are housed in the plenum to heat the air to desired temp. The plenum 
is mounted on the right hand side. The heaters are controlled by the Watlow SSR