1998 Kellenberger Kel-Varia UR 175/1000

Standard Workhead:
Swiveling Range: -10 Degree to +100 Degree
Spindle Speed: 8-800 RPM
Holding Taper Internal: MT5
Max Load grinding between Centers: 330 Lbs

Holding Taper: MT4
Lift of Tailstock Sleeve: 2"

Z Axis:
Max Travel: 45"
Max. Speed: 590 IPM
Max. Resolution: 0.0000039"

Distance Between Centers: 39 3/8"

Swiveling System: -210 Degree/+30 Degree

X Axis: Max Travel: 12 19/32"
Max Speed: 295 IPM
Max Resolution: .0000039"

10.2 H.P. Wheelhead Drive

Grinding Wheel Mounting: Left Hand Side Max.: 16" x 2.5"
                                      Right Hand Side Max.: 16" x 2"

Equipped with: 
Kelco 90 CNC Control
Movomatic ES 400 Measuring System
Coolant & Filtration System
Mist Collection Filter
8" Magnetic Chuck
I.D. Attachment (No ID Grinding Spindle) 

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